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Brenda Wootton - List of tracks on Paris concert recordings

Brenda went to Paris to perform these concert dates with her guitarist- Chris Newman, plus saxophonist- Ray Roberts and Bass player- Dave Freeman, and the Camborne Town Band.

The Concert opens with the Camborne Band performing six tunes on their own, Brenda then joins them on stage and they continue with a further four songs to end the first half. The second half starts with 'My Land' backed by the three musicians, and they continue for twelve songs and are then joined by the Camborne Town Band for the rousing finale. Throughout the concert, speaking in French, Brenda tells Cornish stories and anecdotes to her audience.

THESE RECORDINGS ARE UNIQUE, AND HAVE NOT BEEN PREVIOUSLY PLAYED OR PUBLISHED. They are a wonderful historic record of Brenda at her best and wowing a discerning sophisticated Parisienne audience, singing about Cornwall, its culture and history.

For this reason, we are considering digitally re-mastering tracks and possibly making them available as downloads either as individual tracks or even as a complete CD. This is costly and time consuming, so if you are genuinely interested, then please contact us here, we can then inform you of progress and developments.

1. Frere Jacques Camborne Town Band
2. Post Horn Gallup Camborne Town Band
3. Memory Camborne Town Band
4. La Bamba Camborne Town Band
5. Music Camborne Town Band
6. The Can Can Camborne Town Band
7. The Land I Love Brenda comes onstage to join the Camborne Town Band
8. Farewell Shanty Brenda with the Camborne Town Band
9. Epic of the boat - The Mystery Brenda with the Camborne Town Band
10. Hir an Vor (sung in Cornish) Brenda with the Camborne Town Band
11. My Land Brenda with the trio - guitar, saxophone and bass
12. What's in a Name Brenda with the trio
13. Paris Brenda with the trio
14. Tishomingo Blues Brenda with the trio
15. Jan Knuckey Brenda with the trio - gets audience to sing along
16. Silver Net Brenda with the trio
17. Country Style Brenda with the trio
18. Friend Love Brenda with the trio
19. Forbidden Fruit Brenda with the trio
20. Lyonesse Brenda with the trio
21. All of Me / Aint She Sweet / Georgia Brown Medley - Brenda with the trio
22. Summertime / Aint necessarily So Medley - Brenda with the trio
23. Little Eyes Camborne Band joins onstage, audience, everyone sings
24. Somewhere Over The Rainbow With all musicians
25. Trelawney With all musicians

Thanks to Lionel Curnow for his help in digitally transferring these tracks.

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